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Eat Good, Do Good

Hola Mi Gente!

Growing up in a Puerto Rican neighborhood in Brooklyn, I learned a lot from my community. Fragrant spices and fresh vegetables were always coming through my house. An interest in all things food was sparked in me ever since. 

My name is Chef Lulu and I am the head chef and owner of Casa Borinqueña. After moving to the Bay from New York City, I noticed the lack of Puerto Rican representation in food. Inspired to bring many of the recipes I grew up with to life, I created Casa Borinqueña with the help of my family.

As of September 2023, we have left our location on   Avenue in Oakland. We have been fighting with licensing through the county of Alameda for months and having a predatory landlord left us with no other options but to pack opur equipment into a rental truck and leave. Within 24 hours of closing for service, we had our truck stolen with thousands of dollars of equipment inside. We are working hard to recover our stolen equipment but there has been little to no hope in recovery. If you are interested in supporting our cause please donate and share our GoFundMe campaign to recover from our loss or support us through catering to help us continue serving the bay! 

Thank you for your continued support and guidance throughout this difficult time. We appreciate you all more then you know!

- Chef Lulu 

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